• 2:25

    Anything Goes when Hitting out of a Bunker

    The key to hitting out of a bunker is to aim for the sand and to take the ball with it. You can adjust anything you want in regard to grip, posture and extremity angle, but the basics prevail over all. Use sand to push your ball out and get that ball to your target,…

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  • 3:26

    Increasing Distance with a Weighted Golf Swing Trainer

    There’s only so much distance you can add to your swing by honing technique with a normal club in your hands. Eventually, you need to step up to new training tools to gain those extra few yards. The weighted golf swing trainer is one such tool guaranteed to help you access that reserve power that…

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  • 0:56

    Moving the Marks: How Painting Your Club Face Improves Your Swing

    In this free lesson PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you a quick tip for building a more consistent golf swing. By spray painting your club face, you can see where you tend to make contact with the ball. If you try to move the marks closer to the sweet spot, we guarantee you’ll start to…

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  • 3:12

    Starting Practice with the Gravity Drill

    In this quick video, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you how to maximize your time at the driving range by getting started on the right foot. Too often we see amateurs expecting too much from their first few swings at the range, which leads to a session training session and lack of progression. That’s why…

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  • 5:21

    Backswing Mechanics: Facing the Facts

    Let’s face it: golf can be a tricky game to get used to. Most beginning golfers learn by swinging for the fences and figuring it out as they go. This can be a viable option, but we’re firm believers in establishing the basics first and then building to a full swing. The biggest issue we…

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  • 2:39

    Practicing Proper Golf Grip in Front of the TV

    Like most elements of a solid golf swing, the grip is all about establishing the fundamentals and practicing until it’s second nature. Proper golf grip is really rather simple; just a few mechanics dictate whether or not you’re set up for success. In this lesson, PGA Professional Michael Peterson teaches you a simple grip-perfecting exercise…

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  • 0:54

    Countering the Cyclops Syndrome

    The yips often happen because you’re losing track of the ball at the top of your swing with the eye that’s farthest from the ball. It’s pretty easy to understand why; the ball shifts from your focus as you turn away in the backswing, and requires adjustment on the down, which can be tricky. To…

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  • 2:20

    Perfecting Golf Swing Tempo By Humming

    Have you ever paid close attention to the points in your golf swing where you experience the most tension? In the ideal scenario, you only tense up at the bottom of your swing just before contact. But for most players, though, that’s probably not the case. Tension leads to an irregular golf swing tempo, which…

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  • 2:24

    Golf Swing Basics: The Sharpie Test

    Did you know you can learn a lot about your golf swing and the fit of your clubs by drawing a single line on a practice ball? It’s true! With one stroke of a Sharpie, you’ll be able to figure out what’s happening when you swing each of the clubs in your bag. Where you’re…

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