• 2:33

    Using a Lighter Grip for Greater Speed

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you what happens when you change from a tight to a light grip pressure on your golf club. To do so, he shows you a quick exercise that will audibly demonstrate the difference between squeezing the grip and allowing your last three fingers to…

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  • 3:07

    The Golf Swing Is a Rotary Motion

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to make your golf swing less of a lateral motion and more a rotary motion. What’s the difference? Well, one gets your hips way out in front of the hands and gives the club face no chance of catching up at the…

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  • 3:53

    How to Hit a Draw in Golf: The Over-the-Top Drill

    In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates how to hit a draw in golf by practicing a simple exercise called the Over-the-Top Drill. This drill is mostly geared toward players with a handicap of nine or better, but with a slight modification anybody can benefit from this easy exercise. Joseph explains what’s…

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  • 2:06

    The Fireman’s Carry Drill

    In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates a simple drill that will help improve your ball contact and make your swing more consistent. The Fireman’s Carry Drill can be added to the training regimen for those of all levels; it’s the perfect drill for any golfer struggling to hone their backswing and…

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  • 2:17

    Simple Golf Drills: The Three Step Drill

    In this quick lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the easiest golf drills for a more consistent swing: the Three Step Drill. Proper alignment is essential for a golf swing that’s consistent and accurate, so Joseph shows you how to develop a better aligned swing in just three simple steps. Many golfers break…

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  • 5:13

    Build Your Best Golf Swing with the 4-Finger Exercise

    The best golf swing is the one that is relaxed, well-timed and mechanically sound. Oftentimes amateur golfers fight themselves by gripping too tightly and swinging too hard, when all the need to do is get back to basics and let the club do the work. In this lesson, PGA Professional Robert Smith teaches you how…

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  • 1:45

    Playing Graceful Golf: Weight Shift Waltz

    Do you ever feel like your arms are fighting your hips, which together are fighting the club as you go through your swing? That’s not an uncommon feeling, and it happens when your upper and lower body fall out of sync with the weight in your hands. For a graceful, easy swing, the body and…

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  • 0:59

    Golf Exercises for Greater Distance: The Coil Drill

    Greater coil in your shoulders equates to higher torque, increased club head speed, and longer drives. Most amateur golfers haven’t been taught the concept of coil, but we think it’s important for everyone to understand what coil is and how it can be improved. So in this free lesson, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you…

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  • 2:27

    Golf Practice Exercises for Better Posture: The Chair Drill

    Ben Hogan, one of the greatest professionals the game has ever known, said that good golf posture at address should feel like leaning into a bar stool. It’s not an upright rigid stance, but neither is it a full squat. To create your most consistent swing, with solid contact and fluid technique, you have to…

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