• 3:38

    Best Chipping Drills for Distance Control: Chip-A-Palooza

    Believe it or not, you don’t always have to use the same wedge for all of your chips around the green. With different club face angle comes a variety of possibilities for shot distance, arc, and rollout. You can take advantage of your pitching wedge, sand wedge, or 7 iron to get closer to the…

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  • 1:10

    How to Chip a Golf Ball with Topspin

    We’ve all done it: just off the green, ten feet from the hole, and all you have to do is put 25% on a pitching wedge to get the ball close. But somehow you manage to leave it short. It’s unforgivable, but it’s also completely excusable. In this free video, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani shows…

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  • 2:13

    Leap Frog Golf Chipping Game for Better Short Game

    They don’t call them the scoring shots for nothing. Pitches around the green are crucial for a solid score, as accuracy with the short stick can often mean the difference between tap-in up-and-down and three-putt from fifty feet. That’s why PGA Professional Michael Peterson spends so much time working with his students on their pitching…

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  • 2:53

    Divot Chipping Around the Green: Playing Golf’s Toughest Trouble Shots

    So your approach shot has ended up short of the green and rolled into someone else’s divot. There are two ways you can react to trouble shots such as this: snap your pitching wedge over your knee and curse the god that made the golfer who left their divot, or view this as a beautiful…

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  • 1:14

    Chipping with a Hybrid: Low Risk, High Reward

    We see amateurs do it all the time, and even pros on occasion. A few yards off the green, an in-between shot that’s too long for a comfortable chip and not quite close enough to be putted. Most golfers opt for one or the other, resigning themselves to whatever mishit may come. Chip goes flying…

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  • 4:30

    Chipping Drills for Better Direction Control

    There are two main components to controlling where your chip shots end up: distance and direction. When you’ve honed your technique and made sure your mechanics are such that you can consistently make solid contact and you know the flight path of your typical shot, you can start to work on your direction and distance…

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  • 1:56

    Proper Backspin Golf Technique

    The “drop ‘n’ stop” can be a risky maneuver to attempt if you’re unsure how to pull it off or the circumstances aren’t ideal, but when done correctly, it can be one of the most impressive and useful shots in golf. By putting a little extra backspin on the ball, you can get creative with…

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  • 6:14

    Expert Golf Short Game Advice for Perfect Pitches and Chips

    A topnotch golf short game is mostly about touch and precise distance control, but it’s also largely based in repetition, decision making and proper technique. The greatest players separate themselves around the green by choosing the right club, finding their mark and executing time after time, whether just off the fringe or twenty feet from…

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  • 1:50

    Golf Short Game Drills: Controlling Trajectory

    Short game success is all about reading the green and controlling trajectory. If you can determine how high and hard you need to hit your golf ball to get it close to the hole, there’s little mystery left to uncover. So in this lesson, we teach you one of our favorite golf short game drills…

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