Getting Back to Basics: Perfect the Golf Stance, Grip and Posture

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Duration: 11:41

Contrary to popular belief, swinging the golf club harder won’t help get your stroke back on track. Many amateur golfers think that when their swing starts to go south and they can’t seem to hit a single shot on target, the solution should be to stop thinking so much and just swing harder. In actuality, the real solution to improving your swing is equally simple, but far more effective.

Here it is: when you lose control of your swing, all you have to do is get back to basics. Focus on the fundamentals, and you’ll start hitting the ball cleanly again. Pay attention to golf stance, grip and posture, and you can build your stroke from the ground up. Ask any PGA professional how to find your best swing, and we guarantee they’ll tell you to slow your swing down and get back to basics. In this lesson, we show you how to break your stroke into smaller pieces to improve your golf stance, grip and posture and eventually regain the solid swing you’re after.

Correcting your stroke through proper golf stance, grip and posture

To help you get your best swing back, PGA Professional Rodney Green demonstrates a simple drill you can use to improve your mechanics and establish a good basis for your stroke. To start, he talks about the most important fundamentals of a solid stroke, including golf stance, grip and posture. You’ll learn about the two main positions and discover what makes up a good golf stance, from weight distribution to ball placement.

Rodney also introduces the concept of loading and unloading, and explains how it should affect your form at both the initial golf stance and finish position. Similar to any sport that involves loading and unloading, your weight at the end of your swing should end up in the direction of your target. See how these basic ideas factor into the establishment of a solid golf stance, and discover why nailing the fundamentals will drastically improve the way you hit the golf ball!