Increasing Distance with a Weighted Golf Swing Trainer

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Duration: 3:26

There’s only so much distance you can add to your swing by honing technique with a normal club in your hands. Eventually, you need to step up to new training tools to gain those extra few yards. The weighted golf swing trainer is one such tool guaranteed to help you access that reserve power that lies within. In this quick lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you how to use a heavy club to get the most out of your golf stroke.

Joseph begins by demonstrating what a proper swing should look like with the heavy club. You’ll learn how moving through each phase of the backswing and follow-through slowly and steadily works to build muscle, shore up weak spots in your stroke, and make you a more consistent player. The key to practice drills such as this is a smooth shot, under control. When you use the right mechanics, the club won’t feel heavy at all!