Pitch Closer to the Pin by Using Your Wedge Bounce

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Although it may look like the preferred choice for most scenarios around the green, the pitch-and-run isn’t always the best solution for getting closest to the pin. Oftentimes, when dealing with a greenside shot, there’ll be some sort of obstacle between your ball and the hole, which rules out a standard low pitch.

Whether it’s a bunker that limits your landing zone or a water hazard that makes you anxious, there’s a better way to avoid danger and get your ball to the hole than bumping it and letting it run out. The trick is to use your wedge bounce to get some air under the ball and achieve a softer landing. In this lesson, we show you how to take advantage of the wedge bounce to navigate those tricky greenside shots that require a bit more ingenuity.

Using your wedge bounce for a shorter runout

If you’ve never thought to utilize your wedge bounce around the green, this tip from PGA Professional Mark Drenga is going to change the way you look at pitching. Mark begins by explaining why the pitch-and-run method doesn’t work for every shot, then shows you the expert short game tips necessary to execute a high-percentage pitch with the wedge bounce on your club.

With a simple adjustment to your clubface, you’ll learn to perfect the technique for a more accurate and softer pitch shot that uses the steep angle of the wedge bounce to put the ball where you want it. Mark teaches you how to feel the difference between a normal pitch shot and one that utilizes a wide-open clubface and the wedge bounce.

Incorporate this basic swing change into your repertoire and practice pitching tips and drills like this at the range, and you’ll know just what to do when you face these kinds of pitch shots out on the course.