USGA Rules of Golf 1-3: Agreement to Waive the Rules

Duration: 1:57

Understand Rule 1-3: Agreement to Waive the Rules from the USGA Rules of Golf. In this video, we’ll discuss the details of this rule and provide examples on the course.

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  1. Robert Bennett
    Robert Bennett

    My club has made a temporary local rule making all bunkers GUR because the majority are flooded. I accept that this is not allowed in competitions, but during the Winter, when there are no strokeplay competitions (however there are matchplay competitions) is this allowed for general play. I dont think it is and that individual bunkers need to be marked GUR. It cannot be across the board as a temporary local rule. Please advise.

  2. dan

    ?? did you say that you were not allowed to repair ball marks on greens?? or ?? is there something else you can’t fix if it is bad?? always taught you were suppose to fix your ball mark plus one:::??