Unleashing Swing Power When It Matters Most

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Duration: 3:51

Getting the greatest speed in a golf swing is a matter of conserving angular momentum until the bottom of the swing, when you need it most. In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to up your distance with a simple drill and an inexpensive tool.

First, Gary demonstrates the three-step Mickey Wright Drill, which utilizes two truncated downswings and a full swing. Mickey’s coach taught her to complete this drill to maximize power back when she was on her way to becoming perhaps the greatest female golfer of all time. So it just might help you shed a few extra strokes!

Or, you can use a plastic swing guide, which attaches to your grip and trains you to store the power generated by your backswing until the bottom of the stroke. It does so by pressing against your wrist, conserving angular momentum by remaining there until it needs to leave, when the wrists snap and all that speed you’ve stored is unleashed. The tool also shows you how to square up at the top of the swing, avoiding opening or closing your club face.