The Proper Swing Plane

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Golf is very much a game ruled by cause and effect. If you take a good swing and make solid contact, you hit a good shot. If every component of your golf swing is properly executed, you will put the ball where you want it. Vice versa, a single breakdown in mechanics will almost always send the ball somewhere other than your target. For instance: open your clubface wide at impact, and say hello to the woods.

All golfers hit funks where it seems practically impossible to keep the ball in the fairway. When these streaks of misfires happen, most players will try to rework their swing and refine their technique, but it can be tough to figure out where exactly your golf swing is breaking down so you can make the right adjustments. According to PGA Professional Brad Redding, the breakdown usually occurs somewhere on the swing plane. In this video, you’ll learn the essentials of the golf swing plane and discover how a proper swing plane affects the outcome of your shot for the better.

Keys to a Proper Swing Plane

Let’s begin by thinking about your golf swing and its two axes: up and down and in and out. When you take your club back to its highest point, your goal for the entire swing should be to maintain the proper swing plane, meaning you don’t stray from your club’s optimal path, or break the plane.

PGA Pro Brad Redding believes all golfers can benefit from practicing the proper swing plane, with both short and long clubs. He demonstrates a simple drill you can work into your training routine to develop a muscle memory of the proper swing plane and improve your swing. Plus, later in the video you’ll see why the swing plane hardly changes depending on the club you use, and learn the one adjustment you have to make when switching from a wedge to a long iron.

With Brad’s expert tips for getting your best swing back, you’ll be able to make the right adjustments to rediscover the proper swing plane as soon as you feel the misfires creeping in. Find your proper swing plane and start honing in on the pin.

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