The Proper Putting Stroke

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Most golfers don’t put in the time and patience needed to develop a proper putting stroke that they can repeat over and over. Consequently, they tend to tack a number of unnecessary strokes onto their scorecard. Solid mechanics and a proper putting stroke can mean the difference between just a good round and the round of your life. By practicing a consistent, meaningful stroke and paying attention to detail, amateur golfers can take their putting game to a whole new level.

To help you learn the proper putting stroke, PGA Professionals Mike Davis and Chip Koehlke discuss some of the essentials of good putting, and demonstrate a few drills that you can practice at your local course or even in your own living room.

Establish alignment

As with any club, the basis for a proper putting stroke and the success of a shot is correct alignment. When you set the face of your putter square to your body and in line with the hole, you at least guarantee yourself a solid foundation. There are several simple ways to practice aligning your body and club for a consistent putt, including drawing a line on your ball and using a putting mat at home.

Pick the right equipment

If you’re using a putter that isn’t correctly suited for your body and your preferences, it doesn’t matter how well you’re aligned, which is why Mike stresses the importance of selecting the correct putter for your specific needs. Proper putting stroke is largely dependent upon the type of putter you use, especially in regards to its length, balance, weight and offset.

Nail the fundamentals

While lining up correctly and being fitted for the right putter are essential for utmost success on the green, you’ll find that the largest component of the proper putting stroke lies in the actual swing. Thus, Mike introduces a few different aspects of a good stroke, including swing path and swing plane, and then teaches you the Umbrella Drill, which you can use to hone your technique.

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