Golf Pre-Shot Routine

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Almost all professional golfers would agree that the golf pre-shot routine is easily one of the most important aspects of the game. Not only does a golf pre-shot routine help to clear your mind of everything outside of the stroke you’re going to put on the ball, it also allows you to take a natural swing without any disruptive thoughts of “what if?” Today you’ll learn how to work on training your brain until you’re able to naturally repeat the same golf pre-shot routine before every single shot you take, whether you’re teeing off or putting for birdie.

Developing your own golf pre-shot routine

To help you establish the routine you practice before each shot, PGA Professional Suzy Whaley walks you through the process of getting “in the zone.” While on the Tour, Suzy was encouraged by coaches to work on her golf pre-shot routine so she could be better focused when she stepped up to the ball. She practiced utilizing a sort of tic that tells her brain and body it’s time to focus, and then lining up the exact same way shot after shot, repeating the steps she’d take to approach the ball and settle into a natural stance.

A consistent golf pre-shot routine is paramount to steady play, as it rejects all negative images and over-thinking that goes on when the brain has too much on which it’s allowed to focus. Train your body through repetition, and you won’t have time to wonder what’ll happen if you don’t turn your hips well enough. Just concentrate on your routine and put a natural swing on it, and you give yourself a chance for a great shot.

Don’t forget to train your swing

In the second portion of this video, Suzy demonstrates some simple swinging exercises that you can practice at home in the offseason to maintain a steady golf stroke. Just grab a baseball bat or an additional club and copy Suzy’s form, and you’ll be back on the fairways in spring with a honey-smooth swing.