Taking Advantage of Stroke and Distance Penalty on the Green

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Hitting your putt off the green and into a hazard is never a good thing, but there is a way to mitigate the damage by using a little known rule to your advantage. It goes by Rule 27, and in a pinch it could just be your best friend.

In this lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee demonstrates when you might take advantage of a penalty of stroke and distance to get yourself out of a hazard and back on the green. Remember this rule of golf the next time you encounter a tricky putt that leaves you in a trap, and you’ll be glad to walk away with only the one extra stroke!

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2 Responses to “Taking Advantage of Stroke and Distance Penalty on the Green”
  1. Bill Mitchell

    In your scenario rule 27, deciding to replay your stroke by dropping another ball before it’s holed out, should you incur another penalty stroke for not finishing out with the ball you started with? The original ball is not lost.

    • Customer Service

      Thanks for your question. No, you would not have to incur another penalty stroke for not finishing with the ball you started with. As soon as you drop another ball and replay your stroke from the previous position, the stroke and distance penalty is invoked and the new ball becomes your ball in play. Hope this information helps and hope you enjoy your next round.


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