Squat Jumps Exercise

Duration: 4:20

David Donatucci demonstrates a variety of jump squat exercises that can be done anywhere with a flat, even surface. These exercises are designed to teach the body how to fire fast and quickly by accelerating the lower body. Explosive type movements like these are very similar to the way the backswing works, beginning with a nice stretch which is followed by acceleration. These type of exercises will help you increase your overall fitness and improve your golf performance.

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One Response to “Squat Jumps Exercise”
  1. BeanerECMO

    These are fine for people with no (lower) back problems. For those with such problems, do them on a padded gym floor or on your lawn to absorb the shock when landing. There are some of us who have pain issues going up and coming down. I do tae kwon do (as well as play golf), and it is difficult at best to do some of the kicks with any height while jumping and spinning. Anyhow, that real majority of the speed comes from the release through the ball; that is the speed and coordination increase that really needs the focus.