Splashing vs Digging: Approaching Bunker Shots the Right Way

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Duration: 4:44

In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to splash a golf ball out of a sand trap to get the best bunker results. Why do most amateur golfers really fear ending up in the bunker? It’s because of the state of mind we’ve all been taught to adopt when staring down a sand trap shot. If you think about it, you’d usually rather face a bunker shot than one out of the deep rough because you can actually control the former with backspin.

Gary’s favorite tip for mastering the greenside bunker is to imagine splashing the ball out rather than digging it out. Your goal isn’t to dig through the sand to retrieve the ball; you’re simply bouncing your club through the sand and splashing the ball out. Gary demonstrates what that should look like, and gives you a few expert tips for improving your swing mechanics to maximize your potential from the greenside bunkers.