Learning Proper Technique by Slowing Golf Swing Speed

Duration: 1:50

Just like walking, swimming and other basic motor skills, to develop the proper golf swing, you have to start slow and work your way up to full golf swing speed. There are many benefits to starting with a slow swing, chief among them that a faster swing masks errors. The quicker the swing, the harder it is for your or a coach to determine what you’re getting wrong. Thus, in this lesson, we teach you how to slow your swing down and figure out the basics.

How slowing golf swing speed can fix an errant stroke

You wouldn’t kick off your skiing career by hurling yourself down a black diamond slope, would you? Of course not, and you shouldn’t start golfing by wailing away with massive swipes of the driver. To hone your skills and develop the proper golf swing, you have to gain control over the club and pay attention to the details. You can only do so by starting slow.

To demonstrate the benefits of taming your golf swing speed, PGA Professional Mike Peterson walks you through one of his preferred golf practice drills he likes to call the “20-Second Swing.” The goal of Mike’s exercise is to reveal the weak points in your swing and determine necessary changes. For instance, if your backswing is on the wrong plane, you’ll quickly notice this when you slowly draw back your club. Easy change at this pace, not so simple when you’re cranking out your max golf swing speed.

While you work on nailing your proper golf swing technique, be sure to take advantage of Mike’s expert golf swing tips. Consistently add pace to your stroke, stepping up from the 20-Second Swing to the 5-Second Swing and finally your natural, full-paced swing. Once you’ve got your proper golf swing technique down pat, you’ll be able to rev it up and let her rip!

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