Slow Golf Swing Practice Drill to Regain Control

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Duration: 4:27

We’re not sure what it is about the human brain that makes most amateur golfers think, “I can’t seem to get a handle on my swing. I’m spraying it left, and missing my target by a mile. I know what I’ll do; I’ll swing harder!” If you’ve had this thought, trust us, you’re not alone. But we are here to tell you what you actually should do when the hinges feel like they’re coming loose and each shot strays farther from your target. Believe it or not, the key is a slow golf swing. That’s right: you’re frustrated, and what you need is to take a step back, build from the basics, and slow it way down.

The method of slowing down in order to get back to normal is tried and true, and PGA Professionals Joseph Hallett and Rafael Floriani prove it by demonstrating a simple drill you can utilize at the range, on the course or even in your home. They walk you through the exercise, and teach you some expert golf swing tips that will maximize the effect of this handy drill. All you have to do is take that torque you love so much off your backswing and follow-through, and focus on your mechanics. Practice this slow golf swing drill and other refocusing golf practice drills whenever you feel you’ve lost control of your swing. Rather than swinging harder, always remember to calm it down!