Improving Distance Control with Golf Short Game Tips

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For most amateur golfers, the place on the golf course that’s easiest to improve their average is not the tee, but rather much closer to the hole. The most important part of the course where amateurs should practice their game is actually the scoring zone. According to some PGA Professionals, hitting the ball farther off the tee isn’t nearly as valuable for taking strokes off your score as improving your proficiency for shots within 100 yards of the hole.

If you watch the pros, you’ll see what they mean. The world’s best are deadly accurate when it comes to shots with a wedge in their hands. A good short game is vital on tour, and it’s just as vital if you want to reduce unnecessary strokes and make the leap from capable player to scratch golfer. Good short game comes through repetition and conscious decisions for every single shot. So in this lesson, we teach you the golf short game tips you need to improve your pitching and chipping skills and shed those unwanted extra strokes around the green.

Hone in on the pin with expert golf short game tips

In order to improve your short game, you should begin by working on two essential concepts: distance control and feel. The first can be achieved through an adjustment in technique. To help you better control your distance with the wedge, PGA Professional Christopher Smith teaches you simple golf short game tips that focus on making clean contact with the ball. Clean contact means hitting the ball before you hit the ground and hitting it on the downslope. Christopher shows you how to do this with basic golf short game tips that ensure you don’t over-accelerate and throw your swing out of alignment.

The second component of a good short game that all amateur golfers can improve is their feel for a shot. Feel comes through repetition, which means you have to practice. PGA Professional Rodney Green recommends hitting a variety of pitches and chips over and over until your eyes are in sync with the rest of your body and your swing becomes instinctual. Practicing shots in the scoring zone is the only way to become truly comfortable with a wedge in your hands.

To help you get a better feel for close-range shots, Rodney demonstrates golf short game tips that hone your wedge game and help you select the right club for every shot. With Rodney’s golf short game tips, you’ll learn the importance of staying loose, avoiding making swing changes after bad shots, maintaining a fluid backswing and follow-through, and accelerating rather than decelerating. Take advantage of each of these golf short game tips, and we guarantee you’ll start shedding strokes off your average!

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