Rule 8 of the Rules of Golf: Asking and Providing Advice

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In this video, PGA Professional Mark Wilson discusses rule 8-1 of the the rules of golf. This rule discusses asking and providing advice to your opponent or teammate. Follow along as Mark describes situations where asking or giving advice can cause a penalty or even disqualification.

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8 Responses to “Rule 8 of the Rules of Golf: Asking and Providing Advice”
  1. Louis

    No captions – how can I understand the narrator? Please caption THIS!

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Louis. Unfortunately, our videos are not closed captioned at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and have forwarded this suggestion on to the proper department.

  2. Tom Steele

    Question for Mark. Is it all right to confirm a rule with your opponent in a match like agreeing where to drop a ball when a shot has entered a hazard?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for commenting!
      Yes. Rule 8 states you can ask a fellow opponent about any of the Rules.

      Hope this helps and good luck on the course!

  3. Dr. Rick

    Can they ask, “What is the wind doing?”, “Is it a club or two wind?” etc. Thanks, R

    • Customer Service

      No…by rule they cannot. Advice is defined as “any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of club or method of making a stroke”. So asking for a player’s advice regarding what the wind is doing or how many club impact it could have would fall under the definition of advice and incur a penalty.

  4. Steve

    If Player A marks their ball on the putting green and believes the mark may be on Player B’s line, is it considered to be giving advice if Player A asks: “would you like me to move my mark”?


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