Know The Rules: Improving the Area of Your Intended Swing

Duration: 19:17

Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee discusses Rule 13, which says that you should play the ball as it lies unless otherwise permitted. He talks about some of the exceptions and stipulations that come up when assessing your lie in certain spots and circumstances on the course such as divots, long grass, overhanging branches, bunkers, loose impediments and water.

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  1. Badis

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  2. dan

    ?? how would that rule apply if your ball is next to a bush: and the bush is where you have to stand to address the ball?? if by taking your stance you have to push the braches back with your legs??

  3. 4huskers

    thanks for the explanation, this will help alot. Is there any rule against swing say an orange wipe warm up stick between holes or in the area to judge room to swing?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello. Thank you for your question. Yes, there are rules that prohibit the use of training aids during a round such as the orange whip you reference.
      I would not suggest using it to judge the room you have to swing. Simply use on of the 14 clubs in your bag for that.
      In terms of warming up between holes during a round, it is permissible to use a devise designed for stretching unless the devise is designed specifically to be used in a golf swing or are used during a golf swing.
      Here is the actual wording of the Decision:
      Use of Stretching Devices
      Q.Rule 14-3a (!rule-14,14-3a) prohibits a player, during a stipulated round, from using any artificial device or unusual equipment, or using any equipment in an abnormal manner, that “might assist him in making a stroke or in his play.” Would the use of a stretching device during a stipulated round be a breach of Rule 14-3 (!rule-14,14-3) ?

      A.During a stipulated round, it is permissible to use a device designed for stretching unless the device is designed specifically to be used in a golf swing and is used during a golf swing (see Decision 14-3/10 (!decision-14,d14-3-10) ). For example, the following stretching devices may be used:

      * Items designed specifically for golf but not used in a golf swing (e.g., a bar to place across the shoulders);

      * Items designed for general stretching (e.g., rubber tubing); and

      * Items not originally designed for stretching (e.g., a section of pipe). (Revised)

      The item you mention is a swing aid so it would not conform during a round, but you could carry something specifically designed for stretching to stay loose between holes. Or if you’re looking to do something in a swinging motion to stay loose, you could always try swing two clubs held together.
      Hope this helps and good luck on the course.

  4. Marshall

    In the 3M today. Clark put his hand down on the 18th inside the hazard. Didn’t make a difference but can he do that? Even looked like he did that to balance himself and had to push grass down in his line of sight?