Keeping the Right Elbow in Golf Swing Connected with the Body

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If you’re finding many or most of your shots end up off to the right of your target, that’s probably because you are releasing your right arm and, in turn, not turning over the club face. How can we tell? Because we see it all the time. You swing like normal, but once you’ve made contact, you try to finish with the club face pointed high at your target. This eliminates rotation of the forward arm, which pushes the ball right. Sound familiar? If so, in this lesson we teach you an expert tip to cure yourself of the push by keeping the right elbow in golf swing connected to the body.

Maintaining contact with right elbow in golf swing

To help you gain back that all important rotation after contact, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren demonstrates one of his favorite simple swing tips for maintaining contact between your forward arm and torso. He begins by showing you what happens when you allow your arm to detach from your side at impact, and explains why a solid golf shot depends on keeping these two body parts connected during backswing and follow-through.

Thanks to Gary, you’ll discover how to use your golf glove to determine whether or not you’re maintaining contact, and learn about an inexpensive teaching aide you can utilize to train better technique. Take advantage of this expert swing tip and implement some of our handy practice drills to hone your mechanics and lower your score!

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