Reinventing the Fairway Wood: 3 Wood Shaft on a 5 Wood Head

Duration: 0:58

In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mark Drenga explains why most golfers are inconsistent with the 3 wood and 5 wood, and gives a solution for better fairway wood play. Mark’s idea for harnessing the fairway wood is to get rid of the 3 and 5 and essentially create a 4. How, you ask? Simple, take the shaft of the 3 wood and combine it with the club head of the 5 wood, and you have a club that provides distance and club head speed, but also greater forgiveness and ball height.

This quick trick might allow you to harness the benefits of fairway woods and hybrid clubs while avoiding the pitfalls of an inconsistent club. More more information on selecting long irons and fairway woods, check out some of our other videos on proper club choice!

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