Regaining Golf Swing Rhythm with a Simple Drill

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At some point in time, it happens to all golfers, amateurs and professionals alike. We start swinging faster and try to do too much with the ball, and we lose our natural golf swing rhythm. There’s no shame it noticing that it’s happened to your swing. Once you figure out that something doesn’t feel right, it’s just a matter of getting back to the basics. In this lesson, we teach you how to rediscover your best golf swing rhythm by completing a quick and easy drill.

How to get back your natural golf swing rhythm

There’s no one reason why golfers lose track of their ideal golf swing rhythm. For some it’s the pressure of a situation, for others it’s small changes they’ve made to their posture or technique. Whatever the cause for slipping out of your rhythm, you can rest easy knowing it’s not difficult to get it back.

All it takes is a quick progression. To help you regain that relaxed, uniform swing tempo, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani walks you through a simple drill that’ll work you back up to your smoothest golf swing rhythm. It’s called the 25-50-100 Drill.

To complete this drill, you’ll need to set up three balls and grab your favorite iron. Rafael shows you how to work your way up to a full, steady swing by progressing from 25% of your normal swing power on the first ball to 50% on the second and finally finishing with a full 100% swing on the last. He also teaches you a few golf swing tips for improved technique that you should incorporate in order to get the most out of this drill.

Take advantage of Rafael’s simple swing exercise and other free golf tip videos to rediscover your golf swing rhythm and get back to hitting them like you want to!

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One Response to “Regaining Golf Swing Rhythm with a Simple Drill”
  1. Tony

    This is a worthless video. It provides absolutely no instruction on how to do 25%, 50% or full swing. In watching the video all three swings look exactly the same. He says this is a drill, it didn’t give me any hint as to how to execute the drill.