Expert Putting Tips for Making Short Putts with Confidence

Duration: 1:54

Only the pros have what it takes to consistently sink short putts, right? Aren’t amateurs perpetually doomed to miss more knee-knockers than they make? No! Get the idea out of your head right now that you can’t drain every single short putt that you step up to. Is it out of your head? Good, then let’s figure out how.

In this lesson, we teach you the putting tips and you need to start making short putts without an ounce of hesitation. You’ll learn to develop the muscle memory and swing mechanics that ensure you bury those three-to-five-foot putts like it’s your job!

A single drill to simplify making short putts

If you’re struggling to step up and put short putts in the back of the cup, you’ll be happy to hear that all you need is one drill. Just one simple drill added to your practice routine, and you’ll be making short putts and watching your score drop. PGA Professional Mark Drenga is here to show you how it’s done. All you’ll need to begin making more short putts is a straight flat putting surface and two clubs.

Mark shows you how to complete this helpful drill in just a matter of minutes, demonstrating the essential putting tips you should focus on when working your way through it. He explains how such a simple setup has such a big impact on your mentality and success rate with making short putts. By narrowing your field of vision and training your body to drain short straight putts, you remove the hesitancy most golfers feel when facing the easy ones.

Once you’ve nailed several putts with the clubs set up, Mark shows you what happens when you take the clubs away and work on making short putts without a guide. Take advantage of these , and incorporate Mark’s advice into your training regimen, and we guarantee you’ll be making short putts more often and notice a big difference on your scorecard!

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