Putting Tips to Eliminate Lip-Outs

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Duration: 3:26

Do you find yourself barely missing a high percentage of your putts, skirting the edge or lipping out more often than you’d like? Lip-outs can be very frustrating, but the good news is they’re better than undershooting or overshooting the hole by six inches. Even so, we understand it’s easy to get aggravated when you feel you’re putting well but just not quite well enough to bury your putts into the back of the hole. So in this lesson, we teach you some quick putting tips that you can practice to stop hitting the lip and start canning more of your putts.

Insight from experience: putting tips for using what you know

To help you improve your proficiency on the greens and ensure you put away more mid-distance putts, PGA Professional Trent Wearner is going to introduce a few of his favorite putting tips for reading greens and applying what you see to make minor adjustments. He explains what separates poor putters from good putters and good putters from great putters, then introduces two highly effective putting practice drills you can add to your training regimen and the expert putting tips you should keep in mind when out on the course.

One of the most common reasons we see amateur golfers frequently lip their putts is that they don’t carry over their reads from one green to the next. The secret to improving your putting during the course of a round is compiling knowledge about the type of greens you’re working with and adjusting based on that insight.

To demonstrate the impact proper green reading has on your putting stroke, Trent walks you through a couple drills and imparts important putting tips. If you follow along with Trent’s putting tips for improved technique and green reading, we think you’ll start burying more putts and become completely confident with the short stick in your hands!