Putting Rules 101

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After just a few rounds with an experienced golfer, most new golfers figure out how to navigate the course with proper golf etiquette and not get in anyone’s way. However, there are a number of important rules that go unknown to a majority of amateur golfers, largely pertaining to things we can and can’t do on a putting green. Putting rules tend to be fairly black and white in nature, but some can be a little tricky to make sense of. Today, to help you gain a better perspective on those putting rules that are somewhat grey, Mark WIlson of the PGA Rules Committee discusses a handful of putting rules and the common situations where you might see them come into play.

Putting rules you don’t hear much about

The Rules of Golf as governed by the USGA cover more than 150 pages, complete with indexes and lengthy clauses, and we’re guessing the vast majority of amateur golfers have never read the complete rulebook. They just do what feels natural and mimic the more senior players who know what they’re doing, and in no time they get the game. Most golfers aren’t expected to know every rule by heart, but they should certainly have a good understanding of what will cause you to lose a stroke and what you’re legally allowed to do on the green. Mark Wilson introduces some of the putting rules with which some golfers might not be familiar with, and teaches you the correct way to handle the situation addressed by each of these putting rules.

In this lesson, Mark shows you how to abide by several putting rules, such as when you’re able to fix a damaged hole, what you can move from the surface of the green around your ball, and how to test the surface of a putting green without invoking an infraction. if you want to fully understand the game and learn your way around the green, follow along with Mark and remember these important putting rules.

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