Keep Putting Practice Fun with The Putting Ladder

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Duration: 3:03

Putting practice can become a tedious affair when approached with the same old methods. Especially with short putts, it’s easy to burn out on the practice green if you don’t find ways to keep training challenging and fun. So in this quick lesson, we demonstrate a simple drill you can add to your practice routine to mix up the monotony and hone your skills with the short stick.

PGA Professional Eric Hogge’s Putting Ladder is the perfect way to gain confidence with putts inside ten feet. By working your way up the ladder from one foot and resetting anytime you miss, you get to test your focus and abilities at the same time. Consider this putting practice the golf equivalent of the free throw drill at the end of basketball practice. Can’t go home until you sink 10 in a row!

To get the most out of this putting practice drill, Eric introduces several expert putting tips and explains what you can learn about your tendencies through repeated attempts. Missing consistently to the left? That should tell you a thing or two about your technique. Give Eric’s ladder a go the next time you hit the range, and incorporate some of our other favorite practice drills into your training regimen. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference!