Putting Games and Chipping Games for Better Short Game

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Reliable short game skills are often the separator between the average amateur and a tournament favorite. The distance of your drives and the accuracy of your approach shots are wasted if you regularly falter around the green, and the best players know the key to a consistent short game is practice. There’s no secret method, just repetition and focus.

The best way to keep training interesting and avoid monotony is by mixing up the approach, so we have a number of chipping games and putting games that you can work into your practice routine to turn unexciting but essential work into fun personal challenges. Try out these chipping games and putting games and expertly hone your greenside proficiency.

Putting Games for Better Distance Control

The biggest detriment to the scorecard of a golfer, both amateur and pro alike, is the dreaded three-putt. If you can finish a round without a single three-putt to your name, that means you were constantly switched on and focused, and it also means you’ve put in the work on your distance control. Leave yourself second putts no longer than two or three feet, and you’re guaranteed a great shot at a solid round.

To help you hone your putting skills, our PGA Professionals demonstrate several simple yet challenging putting games that you can add to your practice regimen to improve both distance control on longer putts and accuracy on those “gimmes”. These expert-tested putting games work both the physical and mental side of the game.

Chipping Games for Confidence Around the Green

Similar to the three putt, another of the golfer’s worst nightmares is having a prime setup for a close chip that leads to a par save only to flub the shot and leave a six-foot putt for bogey. You can avoid those scary moments in the rough by putting in some practice at the range. Our PGA Professionals offer up a series of chipping games that you can test out to improve your precision from off the green. These basic chipping games can be completed without any special equipment; you’ll need a bag of balls, a few targets and some space to work with.