Putting Drills for Juniors: Getting in the Zones

Duration: 2:50

In this free video lesson Ali Jean Wells demonstrates one of the best putting drills for young golfers looking to improve their distance control. This drill is a fun and easy way to train juniors to hone their distance, and can be modified based on skill level. All you need to complete this drill is a handful of golf balls, your putter, and some tools to mark out zones. Ali likes to use sports balls, paired up to create named zones, such as the tennis ball zone, the football zone, and so on.

Your goal is to putt into each zone but not past it, coming as close to the start of the zone as possible. As you get better at this drill, you can shrink the size of your zones to up the difficulty. Ali works her way through the drill, introducing some important golf tips for beginners that will come in handy as you try the drill for yourself. Putting tips and drills such as these are hugely beneficial for golfers just learning to harness their power and increase their abilities. Give the zone drill a go and see what it can do for your game!

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