Proper Golf Swing Tempo

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We all have funks where we can’t seem to hit the ball straight to save our lives. No matter what changes we make to the swing, nothing feels right. But there is a solution to the problem, and it doesn’t involve throwing out your bag and buying a new set of clubs. All it takes to uncomplicate your golf swing and start finding your target again is to simplify your movements and regain your tempo.

As you may have learned by now, timing is extremely important for a good golf swing; get every muscle in your body on the same page stroke after stroke, and you’ve got yourself a good golf swing. To create a well-timed stroke, you must maintain the proper golf swing tempo. Usually, when golfers can’t seem to get control of their stroke to put the ball on target, it’s because they’ve lost their golf swing tempo. All they need to do is get it back and they’re in business. In this lesson, we show you how to regain your golf swing tempo so you can uncomplicate your swing and improve your score.

Slowing down your golf swing tempo

To help you rediscover the optimal golf swing tempo and timing for your golf stroke, PGA Professionals Joe Hallett and Adam Smith introduce the key concepts of a fluid swing, and teach you how to refocus your swing by finding your inner metronome. They also walk you through a couple golf swing tempo drills you can practice at the range and then carry over to the course.

First, Joe explains how breaking your golf swing down, pulling out the sand wedge and starting over from the beginning helps to retrain your body to execute a smooth swing. Then Adam discusses why your goal should always be to maintain the same golf swing tempo in your backswing and downswing, splitting them into two separate segments of equal length and speed.

Executing proper golf swing tempo on the course

Once you’ve simplified your swing and regained your golf swing tempo, you’ll notice big changes next time you hit the course. Your ball will fly straighter and you’ll start to hit your target again. To demonstrate this, Jay Overton talks a bit about why it should be no surprise where your ball ends up with each swing. If you’re hitting it right of the fairway, you’re swinging from the outside and your tempo is probably off. If you’re hitting it straight, your timing is correct and your technique is top-notch. Don’t make the game more complicated than it already is!

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