Proper Golf Stance for Juniors: Adjusting for Comfort

Duration: 1:41

When training a junior player the mechanics of a consistent golf swing, we always recommend starting with the lower body. A proper golf stance is the basis for solid technique, and stance originates in foot placement. But how far apart should your feet be for a good stroke? Too wide and you’ll hit the ball fat more often than not. Too narrow and you’ll lose your balance and top the ball. Proper golf stance is comfortable, relaxed, with a strong foundation and a fully realized center of gravity.

To demonstrate the best way to find your junior golfer’s foot placement, PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells walks you through a quick and simple exercise. All they have to do is stand over a ball, club in hands, with their feet as wide as they can spread them. Have them take a swing, and watch what happens. Then ask them to bring their feet together, and swing again. Not great results, right? Now ask the junior to spread their feet to a width that is comfortable. Have them get balanced, and let them swing again. This should lead to the result they’re looking for!

Golf swing tips are crucial for a junior looking to better grasp the fundamentals. With a solid foundation, they’ll be able to start honing the more difficult mechanics of the swing. Check out some of our other free golf tips to help your junior start off well!

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