Proper Backspin Golf Technique

Duration: 1:56

The “drop ‘n’ stop” can be a risky maneuver to attempt if you’re unsure how to pull it off or the circumstances aren’t ideal, but when done correctly, it can be one of the most impressive and useful shots in golf. By putting a little extra backspin on the ball, you can get creative with your landing spot, and really hone in on the pin when you execute the shot with proper technique. In this lesson, we teach you how to pull off a backspin golf shot, so you can get closer to the hole and take your short game up a notch.

To help you discover and practice the correct mechanics for a shot with a bit of backspin, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett walks you through a quick demonstration on simple swing adjustments that cause the ball to fly high, drop quickly and roll back a few paces. He explains what you should change in your swing to work the ball the way you want, and tells you what not to do to avoid skying the ball onto the next tee box.

With Joseph’s short game tips for a perfect backspin golf shot, you can spin it like the pros and really wow your playing partners! Give it a try your next time at the range, and take advantage of our other expert swing tips videos to shed valuable strokes and lower your score.

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