Practice Golf at Home: The Door Jamb Drill

Duration: 1:17

Seasonal depression hits us hard when the colder weather rolls in and forces us off the course for a few long months. But just because we don’t get to walk the greens in winter doesn’t mean we don’t work a little practice time in at home to keep improving our technique. There are plenty of ways to practice golf at home, from putting and posture exercises to core strengthening and drills that focus on swing mechanics.

Some of our favorite winter practice drills that reap serious benefits are also some of the simplest and least time consuming. In this lesson, PGA Professional Mark Drenga demonstrates one such exercise, which highlights the difference between the postures we assume for our driver and our irons.

All you’ll need for this exercise is one doorway, one driver and one iron. Mark shows you how to utilize the door jamb drill to hone your muscle memory and solidify your setup. Take advantage of Mark’s free golf tips, and find a few minutes for this quick drill to practice golf at home, and there won’t be any ice to scrape off when you get back out there in spring!

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