How to Position the Ball in Your Golf Stance

Duration: 1:58

In this free video lesson PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to position the ball in your golf stance to achieve your best swing with any iron. Where you place the golf ball has a crucial impact on the outcome of your iron shots, and you can tell what’s happening with each shot by the location of your divots. Rafael demonstrates this fact, and shows you what it looks like when you move the ball forward and backward in your stance. Incorporate simple golf practice drills and golf exercises such as these into your training routine, and watch the strokes fly off your average!

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2 Responses to “How to Position the Ball in Your Golf Stance”
  1. ed davenport
    ed davenport

    but what if your driving range only allows you to hit off mats? All the ranges around here are mats only.

  2. Seth R Larmer
    Seth R Larmer

    This was an incomplete instruction. You never stated what iron you were using.