Golf Pitching and Chipping Tips for a Better Short Game

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When it comes to lowering your score in a drastic fashion, there’s no better way than to improve your game around the green. If you can minimize the number of strokes it takes you to get from the fringe to the bottom of the hole, you’ll notice a big difference on your scorecard at the end of your typical round.

Pitching and chipping are too vastly underrated components of a good golf game, and most amateurs overlook them when they head to the practice range. For players who want to improve their chipping and putting but are unsure how, we have three words: practice, practice, practice. Get to the range and put yourself in a variety of situations, set up lies with obstacles and try to shape your shots. And to help you figure out what you need to work on, some of our PGA Professionals offer up their best golf pitching and chipping tips that you can utilize during your practice sessions to make sure you’re ready for anything on the course.

Expert golf pitching and chipping tips for any situation

Out on the golf course, you’re liable to encounter any number of difficult lies, which means you have to be prepared to pull out a unique shot to accommodate the conditions. This is especially true around the green, where obstacles, limited landing area and slope can mean the difference between confidence booster and round ruiner. To make sure you’ve got the right shots in your bag to attack any greenside lie, PGA Professionals Brian Manzella, Nick Martino, Peter Krause and Laird Small teach you the golf pitching and chipping tips you need to nail that up-and-down.

First up in the series of simple golf pitching and chipping tips, Brian teaches you how to complete a full roll pitch, which minimizes the height of your pitch and maximizes its spin. You’ll learn how to make the proper changes to your setup and swing, and discover the importance of picking out both where you want the ball to go and where you don’t want it to go when selecting your shot.

Later, Rick Martino teaches you one of his favorite golf pitching and chipping tips, which utilizes a putting stroke to get the ball closer to the hole from the fringe. Then, Peter Krause shows you pitching tips for hitting a high lob shot like a pro. You’ll learn to take advantage of the bounce of your wedge and a good, quick follow-through. And finally, Laird Small demonstrates easy golf pitching and chipping tips that take the guesswork out of pitching over an obstacle. He shows you how to utilize a hula hoop to complete chipping drills that train proper swing plane and get you used to turning through the ball. Add each of these golf pitching and chipping tips to your training and on-course routine, and we guarantee you’ll eliminate unwanted extra strokes from your scorecard!