Improving Your Short Game with Golf Pitching Tips

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Duration: 5:25

The vast majority of amateur golfers hit only a few greens in regulation per round, which means they’re spending a lot of time around the green with a wedge in their hand. That begs the question, if a golfer’s most common third or fourth shot is a chip or a pitch, shouldn’t they practice their short game to get closer to the pin and give themselves a better shot at an up-and-down? The answer is a resounding yes.

The pitch shot is one of the most valuable shots in golf, and it can also be one of the least intimidating if you know the proper technique. Good pitching form involves only a few basic mechanics and a solid stroke. In this lesson, we teach you the golf pitching tips you need to improve your pitch shot and consistently get closer to the pin.

Golf pitching tips for a better short game

Like other facets of the sport, improving your pitching technique is just a matter of practice. Repetition and commitment will inevitably lead to results, and there are plenty of golf pitching tips and exercises you can incorporate into your training routine to make practice fun. To help you take your pitching skills to the next level, PGA Professional Gary Bates teaches you a number of golf pitching tips and drills you can utilize at the range and on the course.

Among his golf pitching tips Gary demonstrates the correct technique you’ll need to use in order to get the golf ball up and down and closer to the pin. You’ll learn about the two most common types of pitches, and figure out ways to take advantage of different lofts to avoid impediments and hazards. As always, keep practice light and don’t hesitate to challenge yourself. With Gary’s expert golf pitching tips, we guarantee you will see your pitching prowess improve in no time!