How to Hit a Longer Golf Drive with the Loaded-Up Drill

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Every golfer in the world, whether amateur or professional, wants to be able to hit a longer golf drive. Distance off the tee is a vital component to a good golf game, and there are many tools and tricks you can utilize to improve your technique with the driver and increase your power for a longer golf drive.

Depending on the amount of power you currently generate in your swing, odds are you’re leaving valuable yards on the table when you make contact with your driver. Most golfers don’t take full advantage of the weight of their body to store up more potential energy in their backswing, which limits the distance they can get off the tee. In this lesson, we teach you a simple drill you can practice at the range to develop a longer golf drive and put a little extra oomph on your swings.

One-step drill for a longer golf drive

Quick question: when you pull your driver back and reach the top of your swing, where is most of your weight in your stance? If it’s on your back foot, you’re doing things right. If it’s anywhere else, PGA Professional Joseph Hallet is going to help you get your weight in the proper places during your backswing so you can generate more power and hit a longer golf drive.

Joseph first explains why it’s so important to get your weight behind the ball when you draw the club back to the apex of your swing. Then he shows you an expert exercise you can work into your training regimen to produce a powerful swing that takes advantage of your full weight and produces a longer golf drive.

He calls it the “loaded-up drill”, as it works to load up the majority of your body weight onto your back foot as you reach the top of your backswing. You’ll learn what to do with your feet at the start of your swing and then the middle to draw more power through your legs and discover how to hit a driver farther. If you utilize Joseph’s one-step drill for a longer golf drive, we guarantee you’ll get that little extra oomph you’re looking for in your swing and create a more consistent and longer golf drive.

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