Putting Practice for Better Distance Control: One-Handed Putting

Duration: 1:37

Most amateur golfers tack a high amount of strokes onto their scorecard each round because of improper distance control on the green. If you’re prone to three-putting, the issue isn’t with your second stroke, it’s with the first. Get the ball close on the first attempt and you won’t even have to worry about the second; it’ll be a no-brainer.

But understanding that fact is one thing, knowing how to execute proper distance control is another entirely. So in this lesson, we teach you an expert putting practice exercise you can add to your training routine to harness your distance and minimize your strokes on the green. It’s called one-handed putting, and it will change the way you look at your putting stroke!

One-handed putting practice for confident distance control

The main reason so many amateurs leave some putts short and sail others past the hole is because they’re focusing their swinging energy on the wrong part of the club. PGA Professional Robert Stocke demonstrates this fact by explaining where the exertion actually should be and showing why the common alternative is wrong.

He then introduces a simple one-handed putting practice drill you can implement at the range and on the course when you’re having an off day. All you have to do is take one hand away and feel the stroke in the club handle, rather than at the bottom of the club. Pair Robert’s one-handed putting advice for better distance control with our other helpful putting tips and drills as well as our free golf tips videos, and we guarantee you’ll start to shed valuable strokes on the green!

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