One-Handed Putting Drill

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Duration: 1:57

If you’re struggling to find your groove on the putting green, there are countless techniques, tricks and drills you can test out to discover how to putt better. All PGA professionals and swing coaches have their preferred method for helping a golfer improve their putting game. Some break down your stance or grip to find where you’re going wrong, while others may recommend a total overhaul of your stroke.

In this lesson, though, we teach you the simplest way to get back to basics and rediscover your most fluid and natural putting stroke. It’s called the one-handed putting drill, and it’s going to change the way you approach each and every putt.

How to putt better by practicing with one hand

They key to a good putting stroke is a free swing. We all know how we should putt the ball, with relaxed hands and pendulum shoulders. However, from time to time amateurs and pros alike tend to tense up and put an unnatural, jabby stroke on the ball. When that happens, out the window goes any sense of distance control and accuracy.

To help you calm your muscles and recover a cool, easy putting stroke, PGA Professional Charlie King shows you how to complete a one-handed putting drill. You’ll learn how to use the one-handed putting drill to develop your most natural swing motion, which allows muscle memory to kick in whenever you step behind your ball. Charlie explains why it’s important to practice this one-handed putting drill regularly, but not to focus on where the ball ends up. Just get your shoulders used to swinging freely, and you’ll start to notice improvements.

When you let intuition take over, you eliminate the brain from the equation. With Charlie’s expert putting tips and drills, we guarantee you’ll discover how to putt better and lower your score in no time!