Offseason Golf Training: Tips and Tools for Improvement

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A drop in temperature might spell the end of your season out on the course, but it doesn’t have to mean you pack away the clubs until next year. The winter months are the perfect time for major improvements to your swing, and with some proper offseason golf training you can ensure you keep your game at peak performance so you’re ready for the first day of spring. In this lesson, we teach you some expert techniques and tricks that you can utilize to get the most out of your offseason golf training sessions and prepare for warmer weather.

How to maximize your offseason golf training

There is a wide variety of exercises and tools you can incorporate into your offseason golf training regimen to guarantee your game not only stays constant, but actually improves. To help you take your offseason golf training to the next level, PGA Professional Gary Bates introduces several tips and tools he likes to take advantage of during the winter months. He shows you how to improve your technique, strengthen your golf muscles and take the stress out of making gains, all from the comfort of your living room.

First, Gary talks about the benefits of retooling your swing during offseason golf training as opposed to in-season, when even minor swing changes can throw off your game. He explains how to use video at the indoor range to analyze and break down your swing to figure out where you can improve, and discusses his favorite cost-effective method for shoring up the mechanics of your golf stroke.

You’ll also learn expert practice drills that you can work into your offseason golf training sessions to hone your chipping and putting skills, as well as some handy tools and equipment that’ll work wonders for keeping your golf muscles active, including weighted clubs and medicine balls. Take some tips from the expert, and keep your game at its best with these golf exercises for better offseason golf training. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference when the snow melts and the greens open up!

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