Improving Driver Accuracy and Distance off the Tee

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The hook or the slice happens to all golfers, whether amateur or professional. When you’re least expecting it, you wind up and unleash a drive that takes off in a direction you hadn’t planned, and you try to adjust your swing on the next tee. If you make the right change, you can get back on track and find your optimal driver accuracy; if you make the wrong one, you risk exacerbating the problem.

We’re going to help you make the right change so you can cure the hook or slice that’s dominating your tee shots and improve your driver accuracy. Believe it or not, the cure for almost any shanked shot isn’t a total overhaul of your swing; all it takes is a minor adjustment in either your grip or your stance. In this lesson, we teach you about the principles of shot shaping and trajectory control so you can get a handle on your driver accuracy and even improve your distance off the tee.

Tips for improved driver accuracy, distance and ball control

Correcting a slice or hook in your tee shots isn’t as complicated a process as you may think. With just a few fundamental adjustments to the way you hold and swing the golf club, you can straighten out your stroke and find your best shot. To help hone your driver accuracy, PGA Professionals Dr. Gary Wiren and Mike Malaska demonstrate a range of expert tips and techniques you can utilize to shore up your swing, develop greater driver accuracy and find the fairway more often.

You’ll learn how to hit a driver straighter and farther by focusing on centeredness of contact, proper grip and controlled movement from the backswing to the follow-through. The pros show you how to improve driver accuracy and distance by making small adjustments to your grip and stance that help get the clubface square to the ball at the point of contact. You’ll also discover why increasing strength and flexibility is essential for greater yardage off the tee, and learn basic drills to create a stronger, longer and looser swing.

If you can develop proper golf alignment and get your clubface perpendicular to the ball, you stand a better chance at consistently putting the ball where you want it. With these expert tips and techniques for improved driver accuracy and distance control, you’ll start hitting the ball with more confidence and lower your score!

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