Off the Deck

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PGA Certified Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you how to conquer a windy day by hitting your drive off of the ground instead of a tee. Instead of driving from the front of a divot, you can create a little bit of a mound for your golf ball with a club or the heel of your shoe. By doing this, you keep the ball under the headwinds and maintain a high club speed.

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5 Responses to “Off the Deck”
  1. A Don Cometa

    is it legal to use your back of the shoe or use or iron to make a tee?

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for your comment. The course superintendent who maintains the course condition might not become your best friend, but if you are referring to the teeing ground, yes you can do that legally vs using a tee or dropping it directly on the ground. This obviously can not be done from anywhere else on the course. We just did a segment on that and either posted it or will be soon. Be sure to smooth the area back down after to aide in the areas repair.

  2. Jim

    why would this be preferable to teeing the ball very low, as I might do when teeing up for an iron?

    • Customer Service

      Hi Charlie. Lowering your tee is an option as well. But if you’re really trying to keep the ball low on a windy day, hitting it off the deck from a slightly made mound may help you execute the low trajectory shot. I would not recommend trying this shot during a round without practicing it first. See what works best for you on the practice range and then be ready to execute your best option when the situation arises where it’s needed. Hope this helps and you enjoy your next round or practice session!