Moving the Marks: How Painting Your Club Face Improves Your Swing

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In this free lesson PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you a quick tip for building a more consistent golf swing. By spray painting your club face, you can see where you tend to make contact with the ball. If you try to move the marks closer to the sweet spot, we guarantee you’ll start to get closer and closer to your targets. Give this expert training trick a try next time you’re at the range, and be sure to utilize some of our other free golf tips!

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2 Responses to “Moving the Marks: How Painting Your Club Face Improves Your Swing”
  1. Joe Tucker
    Joe Tucker

    Is that a permanent spray?
    I’ve heard of using a foot powder type spray while practicing but would you recommend spraying all my clubs with yellow spray paint prior to playing a round?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Joe,

      No it is not permanent spray. Use a spray powder or chalk that is washable. You can use it on any of your clubs to see how your clubface it impacting the ball. Hope this helps and enjoy your next trip to the course.

      Hope this helps,

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