Hitting Precise Mid-Range Bunker Shots

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There are few shots more difficult in golf than the 50-70 yard bunker shot. Somewhere between the touch of a greenside trap save and the full swing of a fairway bunker recovery, these mid-range bunker shots require slight adjustments in technique and a commitment to the stroke you’ve practiced. All coaches have their preference for changes you should make, and while there’s no clear-cut solution, we have our own favorites. In this lesson, we show you how to alter your stance to hit better mid-range bunker shots, so you can put the trap behind you and get on with your round.

Playing mid-range bunker shots up in your stance

There are a number of ways you could adjust your swing to theoretically hit your best 50-70 yard bunker shots, stroke after stroke. But theory doesn’t always hold up when you’re in the middle of a high-stakes round. With that in mind, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett is going to demonstrate his foolproof method for putting a solid stroke on the ball and avoiding errant mid-range bunker shots.

Joseph begins by explaining why most technique changes coaches suggest for mid-range bunker shots often go wrong. He talks about the fine line between solid contact and a chunked scoop of sand, then introduces the solution to this problem.

Joseph teaches you how to hit bunker shots like a pro by positioning the golf ball forward in your stance. This minor adjustment is essential for making contact with your ball on the upswing. If you attack the ball on the way down, there’s a tiny margin of error and a high probability that you will dig too deeply into the sand. With Joseph’s expert tip for moving the ball forward, you eliminate the risk of chunked bunker shots. Give his advice for sandy trouble shots a try the next time you’re out on the range, and see if that change in technique doesn’t help you drop your sand saves closer to your target!

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