Medicine Ball Golf Workouts for Greater Power and Control

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Duration: 6:13

If you’re looking to gain more distance with any club in your hands, but changes to your swing don’t seem to have any effect, it might be time to pick up a med ball. Golfers of all skill levels can tack on extra yards and become more accurate with their every stroke by strengthening their core and increasing their mobility.

To do so, we recommend medicine ball golf workouts, and in particular lateral exercises that mimic the rotational movement of a golf swing. In this lesson, we teach you some essential lateral motion golf workouts that are guaranteed to improve your mechanics so you can hit the ball farther and put it closer to your target.

Ten-minute med ball golf workouts

The key to greater distance and accuracy in golf is core strength. Your arms, shoulders and hands are just along for the ride, but the torso is what guides the club and dictates how far and how accurately you advance the ball. If you want to hit farther and straighter and ultimately lower your score, you should begin off the course with a handful of important medicine ball golf workouts.

To help you get started, we’re going to teach you a quick series of lateral med ball golf exercises that improve rotational movement by imitating the motion of your golf swing. We show you how to complete these golf workouts with two variations, focusing on utilizing the correct technique from start to finish.

By throwing the med ball laterally with a tight core, you can train muscle memory and become more explosive with any club in your hands. You’ll learn to incorporate the proper mechanics into the med ball golf workouts, training both sides of your body, avoiding moving too far forward or backward in your stance and finishing with a high, full follow-through. Include these simple golf workouts into your practice routine, and we guarantee you’ll notice a big difference in your play and your scores!