Medicine Ball Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

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Strength and stability are essential for a more powerful and consistent golf stroke. When you can activate the center of your body and prevent your core from wobbling during your swing, you set yourself up for a controlled and accurate shot.

There are a number of ways to develop a stronger and more stable golf stroke, and most of them involve off-course exercises without a club in your hands. In this lesson, we teach you some simple medicine ball exercises you can add to your practice regimen to stabilize your hips and core and develop a more powerful swing.

Medicine ball exercises for stability and strength

To generate your best, most consistent golf swing, you have to be able to control your weight and decelerate without losing the energy you’ve built up. You can improve your ability to decelerate with a strong core. By practicing some basic medicine ball exercises, you’ll be able to strengthen and stabilize the muscles through the center of your body. We’ll also show you a series of medicine ball exercises that you can complete with a partner. These partner exercises focus on activating your core to absorb the weight and return it right back. We demonstrate the proper technique for each exercise, which limits the amount of movement in your shoulders and hips.

You’ll progress through various stages of the medicine ball exercises, working your way from seated to standing golf position to a lunge, completing chest tosses, overhead throws and lateral catches. Once you’ve perfected the first technique, you can move on to the next step of these medicine ball exercises. After doing everything with both feet planted, challenge yourself by completing the medicine ball exercises in a single leg stance.

Utilize these medicine ball exercises in your next workout, and we guarantee you’ll quickly start to notice improvements in the power and stability of your swing!