Mastering the Short Putt

Duration: 1:29

Want to know the secret to a lower score that doesn’t involve cranking your drives and holing out from the bunkers? It’s a skill that can be perfected by professionals and amateurs alike, and all it takes is a small change in mentality and alignment. The secret to lowering your scores is burying those knee knocker putts.

When you over-hit or pull a short putt wide, you typically do so because of either a lack of confidence or faulty alignment. The pros have no problem nailing almost each and every short putt because they line up properly and don’t think twice. In this lesson, we teach you how a foolproof technique you can practice to step up to every short putt you face and put it in the bottom of the cup.

Expert tips to straighten your short putt line

Since you don’t have to worry about distance control, the most important component in hitting a short putt is alignment. Can you line up the face of your putter perpendicular to the cup and put it where it needs to go? To help you do so, PGA Professional Will Reilly demonstrates a quick exercise that will consistently hone your alignment and ensure you follow through down the same line you set up on.

Will begins by explaining what happens to your equilibrium when you bend over to inspect a short putt and how that dictates the line you choose. He then teaches you a handful of putting tips and drills that improve your alignment so you can sink every short putt you face. As with most golf strokes, putting requires training and repetition to sharpen muscle memory. So if you incorporate these short game tips into your putting practice routine, in no time you’ll perfect your short putt technique and step up to those six-footers with confidence!

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