Removing Loose Impediments in Four-Ball Match Play

Duration: 2:01

In this free video lesson Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee explains what happens when you remove a loose impediment in the bunker during match play. He begins by introducing the other common types of match play–three-ball, best ball, and four-ball–and then walks you through the process of enforcing rules in one particular scenario.

The scenario is this: you’re playing a round of four-ball match play. You and your partner end up in the same bunker, and your ball has a loose impediment resting on or near it. You decide to remove it, which, according to Rule 30, is against the rules. You are thus disqualified from the hole. The question is, should your playing partner also be disqualified from the hole?

Mark explains that Rule 30-3f dictates disqualification depending whether your removing the impediment assists your partner. If so, then both you and your partner are disqualified from the hole. If not, then only you are disqualified but your partner can continue the rest of the hole. Know the rules, and understand their consequences, and you’ll be in good shape to save all of your shots!

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