Dealing with Loose Impediments in Different Situations

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Duration: 7:26

In this quick video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee teaches you what to do when you encounter various loose impediments and obstructions on the course. There is a difference between loose impediments and obstructions, and understanding the definition and circumstances of each determines if you could incur a stroke penalty should you move them.

Mark walks you through several situations, advising whether or not you’re safe to move what you perceive to be a loose impediment. A branch? Okay if your ball isn’t leaning on it but not if the ball will roll once you move the impediment. A pine cone in which your ball has somehow become lodged? Definitely not! Mushrooms on the green? It depends! Find out more about this tricky subject, and put this knowledge to good use next time you encounter one of these strange situations.