Long Jump Drills for Greater Clubhead Speed

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Duration: 3:45

Clubhead speed is dependent upon two factors: timing and explosiveness. If you can generate a swing that syncs up your lower body with your upper and utilizes the full capability of your vital golf muscles, you stand to put a solid, powerful stroke on the ball. There are a variety of exercises you can practice to improve your timing, but right now we want to focus on becoming explosive. So in this lesson, we teach you how to incorporate simple but highly effective long jump drills into your workout to develop more explosive and controlled golf movements.

How to ramp up clubhead speed with long jump drills

Some of the game’s greatest players are also some of the most explosive, which means they consistently generate high clubhead speeds to hit the ball farther and with more accuracy. You too can make major improvements to your game by generating higher clubhead speed, and you can do so from the comfort of your own home by routinely completing a quick series of long jump drills.

These simple long jump drills require only a few minutes of your time, but they can make a world of difference when you’re out on the course. We demonstrate the standard broad jumps you should begin with, and then teach you to add in some variety once you’ve nailed the basics. You’ll learn how to complete these golf exercises with proper form, being sure to explode through the hips and remain balanced with an athletic base.

We also show you how to keep your sensory system on its toes by incorporating rotation into your long jump drills. By rotating, you confuse your body and ask it to adjust midair to land like normal. If you work these long jump drills into your regular training routine, we guarantee you’ll quickly start to feel more explosive with a club in your hands and watch your score shed strokes!