Using a Lighter Grip for Greater Speed

Duration: 2:33

In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you what happens when you change from a tight to a light grip pressure on your golf club. To do so, he shows you a quick exercise that will audibly demonstrate the difference between squeezing the grip and allowing your last three fingers to hold the grip.

All you have to do to test your own grip is turn the club over. Take a swing with your normal technique, paying no attention to how your grip feels. Did the club make a swooshing sound at the bottom of the swing? Now, try squeezing the grip as hard you can. No sound, right?

Now, loosen your grip a bit more each time, and listen for the sound. You will undoubtedly discover that a lighter grip makes for a louder swing. That noise is a great noise, because it means you’re swinging quickly. The quicker the swing, the greater the club head speed at contact, which makes for a faster ball off the tee. Test it out for yourself!

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